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BRONZE Stardust

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BRONZE Stardust
BRONZE Stardust
BRONZE Stardust
BRONZE Stardust

Bronze Smoke Stardust vinyl for sewing, embroidery in the hoop projects, crafts, jewelry, and more.

Stardust is super sparkly and gorgeous, it has rainbow reflections when the sun touches it. I have a video showing you how I make a zipper case with this bronze stardust vinyl here:

It's is perfect to sew with- especially if making the Santorini Tote (pattern in my shop).

Stardust vinyl is strong and sturdy but thin enough to sew with a Universal chrome needle size 80 or 90 and a home sewing machine.

I highly recommend using a teflon foot to sew with vinyls.

Thickness is 0.7mm with a soft fabric backing in white or black.

Multiple colors available in the shop. 

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